• Day 1 – Rose Hall
    Day 1 - Opening
    14:00 PM - 15:00 PM
    DYS 2015 Registration
    15:00 PM - 16:00 PM
    Opening & Welcome Remarks
    Digital Youth Summit 2015: Peshawar as an emerging hub for tech entrepreneurship Peshawar calling all digital innovators! The heads of the organizing entities behind the Digital Youth Summit 2015 welcome innovators, young entrepreneurs, the business community and Pakistani institutions to a 3-day of passionate discussion around the topics of tech entrepreneurship, innovation and on-line work.
    16:00 PM - 16:30 PM
    Keynote - Shubber Ali
    elvira-van-daeleifthikhar firdousravi-200stephenTahir 2waqar-ahmad
    16:30 PM - 18:00 PM
    Opening Panel - Future of Work is Tech
    Technology and innovation are shaping every industry, and the entire world we live in. How can startups and small companies leverage innovation to succeed? Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are not impacting specific industries only. Top executives, whose companies are proud sponsors of the Digital Youth Summit, will share with the audience how their businesses are benefiting from and leveraging technology, and why they believe in the Digital Youth Summit.
    18:00 PM - 19:00 PM
    Refreshments & Networking
  • Day 2 – Rose Hall
    Day 2 - Rose Hall
    08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
    DYS 2015 Registration
    09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
    Welcome Remarks & Intro to the DYS
    Setting the stage for the first full day of passionate discussions about tech technology, innovation and on-line work.
    09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
    Panel 1 - #freelancing
    With high unemployment rates, there is plenty of opportunities in areas like the digital economy. People from all backgrounds and with different levels of skill sets can now work online and earn a living, a phenomenon commonly referred to as "e-lancing". With its large and mostly young human capital, and unemployment increasing into double-digits, Pakistan has been the third largest user of the website, one report cited. This panel on e-lancing includes a mix of e-lancers who are at different levels of their careers and they will guide us through the world of on-line work.
    10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
    Keynote - Jehan Ara
    The entrepreneurial landscape in Pakistan: from the mountains of Chitral to the waters of Karachi, and beyond.
    11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    Coffee Break & Networking
    11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    Panel 2 - #idea2market
    Pakistan as a country has the advantage of a youth bulge. Creative youngsters can generate a lot of novel ideas. The challenge is: how can we empower innovators to realize their ideas and live their dreams as successful entrepreneurs? This panel includes entrepreneurs who have converted their ideas into products and have successfully brought them to market, and will cover their experiences including the challenges they faced and how they tackled them as they progressed.
    12:30 PM - 13:00 PM
    Conversation Meet Yasser Khattak, Founder of DEN
    Yasser founded his first company when he was 14. Now he is the CEO of DEN, a new and intuitive way to remotely manage and control light switches and plug sockets.Yasser will shed.. light on the journey of DEN!
    13:00 PM - 14:30 PM
    Lunch & Prayer Break
    14:30 PM - 15:00 PM
    Keynote - Cyber Crime Bill
    Jahan Ara (P@SHA), Syed Ahmad (DPL), Farieha Aziz (Bolo Bhi)
    15:00 PM - 16:00 PM
    Panel 3 - #creativity
    From on-line music and video streaming to on-line stores where artists sell their traditional creations, from apps to order your favorite food, to literature made available in digital format to the world. These are few examples of how technology can empower, improve and accelerate the offering and delivering of cultural, traditional, creative products. What if we could use ICT to leverage the cultural wealth of Pakistan? Where could ICT and creative industries meet to create jobs?
    16:00 PM - 16:45 PM
    Coffee Break & Networking
    #interact #engage #tea&coffee
    16:45 PM - 17:30 PM
    Pitch Session - #compete
    Five best startups shortlisted from KP and Pakistan will present their innovations to the public and will receive feedback from a panel of judges. 3-minutes pitches follow by some "grilling" from the judges.
    Ahmed KhanKalsoom-Lakhani1kash-rehmankhuram-zafarmarco-villanauman-wazirzafarkhan
    17:30 PM - 18:45 PM
    Panel 4 - #funding
    Lack of funding is a challenge in Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem which has been highlighted in many report on the country’s technology landscape. Albeit a handful only, there have been successful fundraising sprees by Pakistani startups last year. An eye-catching deal flow is yet to be seen. This panel includes investors and founders of incubators, along with founders who have raised their first round of funding, and incubatees who have graduated. The panel starts off with the types of funding sources available and then focuses on the state of early stage investment in Pakistan’s startup landscape
    18:45 PM - 19:00 PM
    Closing and recap of a passionate day of discussions
    Many challenges, many ideas and many opportunities. Nathanael will help us summarize the lesson learned from a busy and passionate day of discussions. #welcome2DYS #freelancing #ideas2business #creativity #compete #funding
  • Day 3 – Rose Hall
    Day 3 - Rose Hall
    08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
    DYS 2015 Registration
    Check of tickets + Registration of non-paying participants to the breakout sessions.
    09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
    Opening & Recap
    09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
    Panel 5 - #ecosystem
    Universities are the cradles of knowledge creation. It is on campuses where many disruptive ideas have been conceived and it was students who founded several billion-dollar companies that we know today. ORICs (Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization) are technology transfer offices that have been established in almost 70% of our universities by the Higher Education Commission. Many ORICS also house TICs (Technology Innovation Centers) or BICs (Business Innovation Centers) and they are the first point of contact for university students and faculty members for spinning out startups. Are they delivering what they are established for? Are they enablers of our entrepreneurial ecosystem? Should we promote a "mindset of innovation" also in primary and secondary schools?
    10:30 AM - 11:00 PM
    Keynote - Haseeb Awan
    Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. Instead of ATMs, Bitaccess produces BTMs, the easiest way for people to buy bitcoins! Let's learn from Haseeb all the secret of bitcoins.
    11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    Tea Break & Networking
    #interact #engage #tea&coffee
    matinEbtihajsalman-ansarisarabraza shahtajdar-khan
    11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    Panel 6 - #gov 2.0
    Technology can disrupt and change the way in which we interact with the government and public authorities in general. Furthermore, technology is changing the way in which services are delivered to citizens. From the old days of faxes and envelopes, to scanned documents and emails, to the use of data and technology to design smart policies, build smart cities and provide better services. How can technology help public authorities to improve the lives of people?
    12:30 PM - 13:00 PM
    Keynote - Afaque Ahmed
    The Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) is revolutionizing higher education in Pakistan, especially with its new undergraduate curriculum, state of the art campus and highly qualified faculty members from world-renowned universities.
    13:00 PM - 14:30 PM
    Lunch, Prayer Break & Networking
    #interact #engage #food
    15:00 PM - 16:00 PM
    Panel 7 - #founders

    Locals making it big in the global tech scene

    16:00 PM - 16:45 PM
    Coffee Break & Networking
    #interact #engage #tea&coffee
    16:45 PM - 17:15 PM
    Keynote - Syed Ahmad
    If you are a techie in Pakistan, you must have heard about news made by DPL's brand new premises. With an awe-inspiring campus and magnetic company culture, we will hear the insights its DPL's CEO, Syed Ahmed.
    05:15 PM - 06:45 PM
    Panel 8 - #wayfwd
    There are increasing discussions about the general startup ecosystem and the availability of different ingredients that a healthy one requires. From incubators to science and technology parks, there has been a lot of focus on such infrastructure. There is also a great deal of mention of the "triple helix model" with the government, private sector and academia working in a coherent way together. But are these model not outdated, even in the academic discourse? If so, what are the most current frameworks and models we have today? This panel focuses on how do we look at the progress we have made in the past few years, where do we stand today, and what lies ahead in the future.
    06:45 PM - 07:30 PM
    Recap and Closing Ceremony of the DYS
    #recap #DYS15

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